Sunday, April 14, 2013

GRAND EGYPTIAN MUSEUM CAIRO: One Dollar Changes The History

803 Days to go.... In a speech Hisham Zazua, Egypt’s Tourism Minister, said there was evidence that tourism in Egypt had fallen ill but was not dead, and that there was still hope for the revival of the sector if the country’s political environment were to stabilize.  He pointed out that tourism in Egypt had increased throughout the month of March by 22% compared to same period in 2012 and that total numbers for 2012 rose 17.1% compared to that of 2011.
Zazua also said that the Grand Egyptian museum’s soon to be established fourth location will help spark interest in the country’s ailing tourism sector, putting rare antiques and artifacts on public display. A number of Egypt’s hotels have established a donation program within their facilities to help fund the project, presenting tourists with the option to donate anywhere With $1 to the project for each night at the hotel.

The program was announced during a press conference held by the Ministers of Tourism and Antiquities to sign a memorandum of understanding supporting the construction of the new museum.

Zazua said that he expected tourists to be enthusiastic about the new museum, adding that he was confident they would be willing to contribute to its construction. He said the new museum would help display the grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilization, in addition to sending out a positive message about the viability of Egypt’s tourism sector. This message will be spread as the Ministry’s of Tourism and Antiquities, along with the Hotel Facilities Chamber, prepares to launch an advertising campaign for the new museum within the coming weeks.

the official web site for the Grand Egyptian Museum  click Here 

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