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NEWS: Mallawi Museum Before & After !!!!

Picture for Mallawi Museum Before & After 
Egypt’s Antiquities Minister says some 1,050 artifacts spanning 3,500 years of history were looted from the Malawi National Museum south of Cairo last week, highlighting the fragile security situation in the provinces and the threat the latest unrest poses to the nation’s treasure trove of antiques and man made marvels. SOURCE: International Business times    

After six hours of investigations at the Malawi National Museum (MNM) in the Upper Egyptian city of Al-Minya, an archaeology committee reveals that the museum has been almost completely looted amid political unrest on the streets. SOURCE: Ahram Online      

Among the stolen antiquities was a statue of the daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who ruled during the 18th dynasty. Archaeologist Monica Hanna described it as a "masterpiece". Other looted items included gold and bronze Greco-Roman coins, pottery and bronze-detailed sculptures of animals sacred to Thoth, a deity often represented with the head of an ibis or a baboon. SOURCEFox news  
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Objects returned of the looted Museum of Mallawi: 

Two statuettes recovered from the looted Malawi Museum, five days after the looting of Mallawi National Museum (MNM), the town inhabitants succeeded in recovering two statuettes depicting the ancient Egyptian god of fortune, Osiris. Source: The Egyptian emporium

10 more objects returned of the looted museum of Mallawi
After receiving two objects by a man in Minia. Ministry of Antiquities has received 10 other objects including 20cm limestone statue of Thoth as a monkey, three pottery statues of 20cm height each, 25 cm bronze statue of Osiris, 19cm bronze statue of Osiris, a gypsum block measures 11x9cm shows Ibis and Maat feather and three pottery pots. The objects were returned by people in Minia after hearing about the rewards it was promised to whom may bring any of the stolen objects back. The returned objects were transferred to the store house in Ashmonien. SOURCE: Luxor times 

Mallawi Museum gold coins recovered
Antiquities Police recovers a collection of 25 gold coins recently looted from Malawi Museum. Ahramonline

Story about the museum:
Mallawi Museum was one of the prominent tourist attractions in Mallawi. It comprises of two floors divided into four halls. The museum was established in 1963 to be a center for displaying the fragments, statues and pharaonic Monuments found in many areas such as Tuna El Gabal and Ashmonein. Mallawi Museum encloses a marvelous collection of monuments dating back to the Greco- Roman period and many other periods.

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