Sunday, September 29, 2013

NEWS: Egypt asks for return of artefacts listed on eBay London

For the second time this week, Egypt calls on Britain to halt auction of ancient Egyptian and Islamic artifacts
MSA minister Mohamed Ibrahim said that the inspection would assess the objects' authenticity as well as their accompanying documents in order to ascertain how they were taken out of Egypt.
Authentic objects that have been illegally smuggled from the country must return to Egypt as they represent Egypt's heritage
Head of the MSA's repatriation department Ahmed Ali told Ahram Online that the listed objects on eBay were found by chance, as the MSA inspects worldwide auction hall websites to determine if Egyptian artifacts have been illegally smuggled and to demand their restitution.
Ali noted that eBay lists over 800 ancient Egyptian and Islamic objects for auction, including scarabs, lanterns, amulets and ushabti figurines.
Early this week, Egypt succeeded in halting the sale of a collection of Egyptian artifacts in two Jerusalem auction halls.
Source: Ahram Online By Nevien El Aref 

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