Monday, September 16, 2013

NEWS: Egypt Antiquities ministry says NO Islamic artefacts are missing

Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim says artefacts on display in Doha are not from Cairo Museum of Islamic Arts as has been claimed A number of artefacts exhibited at Doha's Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA) are not from Cairo's Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA), Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said at a press conference on Monday.
Such a rumour became widespread among the archaeological community and the media. In response the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) organised a press conference on Monday afternoon to put forward its version of events.
Ibrahim pointed out that according to UNESCO's 1972 convention on Cultural Property Ownership, which Egypt signed in 1973, a country is able to recover its objects if displayed in any museum around the world as long as it has the relevant possession documents. He said that during the Islamic era decorative items or elements used by Egyptian artisans or created in Egypt were spread all over the Islamic empire.
The iron war helmet on display at the Doha MIA cannot be an Egyptian artefact due to its production and style, Ibrahim asserted. Such a helmet, he continued, was well known in Turkey. The ones produced in Egypt had a different style and shape. In addition, he said, the helmet that belongs to the MIA is on display in its exhibition hall.He also called on social media users to be sure of their facts before publishing. "I also call Egyptians to report to the ministry and me personally any theft attempt, on condition that he or she has proof."
Doha's MIA has also denied artefacts from Cairo's MIA are on display in Qatar.
Source: Ahram Online By Nevien El Aref 

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