Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NEWS: Opening 9 ancient tombs in Luxor after refurbishment

Celebrating the 91th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen  which will be on the 4th  next month, 9 ancient tombs will be opening in the presence of DR. Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs and Hisham Zazoua and the Minister of Tourism

The opening ceremonies include Temple of Mut wife's gods Amun-Re, southern temples of Karnak, after it was linked accidentally rams which connects the Pharaonic temples of Karnak and Luxor length of 2700 meters. And the Temple of Khonsu, located in the southwestern corner of the temples of Karnak, and built this temple in honor of the god son Khonsu third member of the triad of good Bible, and the Temple of Ptah, who have to visit to tourists for the first time after the restoration project a comprehensive knowledge of a working group of the Egyptian Center French Egyptian antiquities and the Temple of Deir Chloat area Almlqth archaeological southwest of Luxor, which dates back to Roman times, and was dedicated to the worship of the gods Isis, Temple Palace old in front of the Temple of Medinet Habu and archaeological dating back to the Ptolemaic era, and it was dedicated to the worship of the god Thoth, the advocate of wisdom when the ancient Egyptians, featuring famous kings of the Ptolemies. 

The area of ​​the Valley of the Queens-rich cemeteries queens Pharaohs west of Luxor opening of the tomb of Queen Titi and the opening of two cemeteries Othreytin area of ​​supervision in the Mount Qurna, which includes the graves of nobles of ancient Egypt as evidenced by the Dra Abul Naga archaeological west of Luxor.

Source: Al Ahram  

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