Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NEW DISCOVERY: 2 New Kingdom statues & 5 Crown heads discovered at Montu temple in Armant, Luxor

The Minister of Antiquities announced the discovery of two Ramasside statues in Armant temple by the mission of IFAO and University of Montpellier.

The first statue is limestone and of a temple scribe called Imen- Hep. The other one is diorite rock of a high priest.
According to Ali El Asfar, Vice director of the Ancient Egyptian antiquities department.
The first statue is 69cm height, 48cm width showing the high priest in a worshipping position on his knees carrying an offering table holding two Falcon heads representing God Montu.

The second statue is 92 cm height and 62 cm width shows the scribe sitting and between his hands, on his lap, a sarcophagus and niche which has a statue of God Montu inside holding an Ankh. The sides of the niche show different scenes of one of the family members of the statue owner.
The sides of the statue show a repeated scene of a woman holding ritual tools. 
Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim also announced the discovery of 5 royal statues' heads in Armant temple, about 25 km south of Luxor.
The limestone heads were discovered today have the crowns of Lower & Upper Egypt.
According to the Minister, the heads are probably dated back to Middle Kingdom. Each of them measures 50 cm height.

Dr. Mohamed Abd El Maqsoud (Director of the Ancient Egyptian department) said that Egyptology are working on studying the heads, trying to determine if they belong to any headless statues which were found in the past years. Hoping this will help to identify the statues owners.

Source: Luxor Times 1 & 2 

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