Sunday, January 12, 2014

NEWS: New sites opening in Luxor

Luxor already has 24 ticketed sites and it looks like more are opening on January 11, 2014: 
* Temple of Mut, East Bank 
* The Temple of Kasr El Aguz, West Bank 
* 2 tombs in West Bank TT148 at Dra Abu Naga and TT41 Khokha. 

* Temple of Mut, East Bank

One of the four main temple enclosures that make up the immense Karnak Temple Complex and occupies some 150,000 m². It is dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Mut, the mother goddess.

** Mut temple by Brooklyn Museum CLICK HERE
** For More Information about Mut Temple Click Here 
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* The Temple of Kasr El Aguz, West Bank

This is a rare temple of Thoth, miniscule in size, from the time of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II. Parts of the outer wall are still complete and a gate leads into a wide courtyard. There are some beautiful and impressive cornices and lintels with winged serpent motifs on the doorways into three further chambers. These rooms are lit by small apertures high on the walls, throwing the remaining hieroglyphs into relief. 

** For more information about Kasr El Aguz temple CLICK HERE
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* TT148, the tomb of Amenemope at Dra Abu Naga CLICK HERE
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