Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Exhibitions Abroad (1): The Art Institute of Chicago displays ancient Egyptian artifacts

The Art Institute of Chicago is hosting an exhibition of ancient Egyptian artifacts that began from October 31, 2013 until July 27, 2014.

The exhibition displays antiquities from the Ptolemaic period, which started in 332 B.C. and lasted until 30 B.C. It began with Alexander the Great’s invasion of Egypt on his mission to conquer the Persian Empire.

The era of roughly 300 years, which ended with the suicide of Queen Cleopatra, was defined by cultural hybridization and the worship of Amun and Zeus, the major Gods of Egypt and Greece.

The exhibition displays the interaction between the ancient cultures and Greece and Egypt through 75 artifacts.  It includes “gilded mummy masks, luxury glass, magical amulets, and portraits in stone and precious metals,” according to the website of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Source: Cairo Post 
The Art institute official website: Click here 
About the Ptolemaic:
** Who are the Ptolemaic?
** The Ptolemaic Dynasty

Ptolemaic main attraction in Egypt: 

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