Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Coursera class: Ancient Nubia's art and archaeology

Peter Lacovara, Senior Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian and Near Eastern Art at Emory University's Michael C. Carlos Museum, is offering an expert glimpse into the development of art and civilization in the Nile Valley through Coursera, an Emory partner for MOOCs (massive open online courses).

The course, "The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia," examines fascinating evidence from archaeological findings of Nubia, Egypt's neighbor to the south and home to a series of remarkable and innovative civilizations.

More than 5,200 students had enrolled as of the first week of April for the course that begins April 30.

The Carlos Museum's collection of Ancient Egyptian and Nubian antiquities at the Michael C. Carlos Museum encompasses the spectrum of Nile Valley civilization, from the earliest prehistoric times to the period of Roman domination.

The course is one of several Emory is offering on Coursera in the coming weeks.

Coursera: The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia

Dr. Peter Lacovara serves as Senior Curator of ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum.  

His responsibilities span the ancient Middle East and northeast Africa, including acquisitions, exhibitions, research and publication.  

Bio for Dr. Peter Lacovara by Emory University  
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