Monday, April 28, 2014

New Discovery, Cairo: New Ancient Egyptian Tomb in Giza

An ancient Egyptian tomb was accidentally discovered when sanitation workers were fixing a sewage pipeline in Giza, west of Cairo.

Workers were repairing a broken pipeline in Al-Bahr al-Azam Street, south of Giza before they found a serdab: an Ancient Egyptian tomb structure concealed or accessible by a narrow passage and containing a statue of the deceased. The work was suspended before security forces cordoned off the area.

A committee from the Ministry of Antiquities rushed to the spot to initiate preliminary excavations. Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels in Minya University Sherif al-Sabban expressed his surprise of the potential new excavation at this area, which is 2.5 kms to the east of the Memphis necropolis, in a statement to The Cairo Post.

“If the revealed excavation is a royal tomb, it would change the archaeologist’ traditional assumption that the royal tombs of the Old Kingdom period Pharaohs are only located in the Memphis necropolis,” said Sabban.

The Memphis necropolis is the graveyard of Pharaohs of the old dynasty (2650 B.C – 2100-B.C) and stretches from Abu Rawash, 15 km north of the Giza Pyramids to Dahshour, 30 km south of Giza. The tomb most likely belongs to a nobleman or probably a worker who participated in the construction of a royal tomb, said Sabban.

Abdel Halim Nour el-Din, former chairman of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, reaffirmed to The Cairo Post that the area near Al Bahr al-Azam Street has not been listed as an area for antiquities.

As it overlooks the River Nile, archaeologist would never think of excavating in this area as there have been no sites excavated there, he continued. “We will have to wait for further information before any assumptions are made,” said Nour el-Din, who added that new information about the new discovery will be revealed within a week.

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