Saturday, April 12, 2014

News, Fayoum: Egyptian police confiscate three mummies from smuggling gang

Archaeological experts are now working on identifying a number of artifacts confiscated from the gang.

The tourism and antiquities police managed to apprehend a gang carrying out illegal trade in antiquities in Fayoum who were attempting to illegally sell a collection of 11 ancient Egyptian artifacts, officials reported.

Director of Fayoum Antiquities Ahmed Abdel-Aal told Ahram Online that the confiscated pieces seem authentic but are not registered in official documents, which means that they may have been taken from illegal excavations at archaeological sites. 

He explained that the objects are from the Graeco-Roman era and include three wooden sarcophagi, all containing mummies. One of the mummies is an adult male, and the other two are adult females. 

The collection also included five wooden portraits and the coverings of the sarcophagi depicting the busts of the deceased. Abdel-Aal said that the pieces would be restored and put on display when investigations were completed.

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