Thursday, May 15, 2014

News, Giza: Tomb robbers broke into tomb of workman who built Great Pyramid

CAIRO: Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim ordered investigations with three watchmen on Wednesday at the Giza Pyramids archaeological site over failure in protecting a tomb that was robbed by tomb robbers, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The anonymous tomb robbers broke the iron door of the tomb Tuesday and attempted to dig underneath one of its burial shafts in search for potential treasures, Head of the ancient Egyptian antiquities section at the Ministry of Antiquities Ali Al Asfar said.

He said the tools used by tomb robbers to open the tomb and dig the shaft were found at the crime scene.

“The tomb belongs to Idu, a senior workman who is believed to have participated in the building of the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Cheops,” Asfar said.

Idu, he was the Scribe of the Royal
Documents in the presence of the
king. He also held the title, "Tenant
of the Pyramid of Pepi I"
Over 95 percent of the ancient Egyptian tombs, pyramids, and temples that have been excavated were robbed.

Luckily, the tomb of Idu was discovered empty except for some carvings depicted at the northern wall of its burial chamber, he added.

“Tomb robbers in the past during the times of the Ancient Egypt were strongly believed to be tomb builders,” Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Hotels at Al Minya University Sherif El Sabban told The Cairo Post.

The tomb builders were the only people to know where that the Pharoah’s treasures are inside the tomb and if they died without being able to rob the tomb, they probably have passed the ‘secret’ to their descendants, Sabban said.

“The robbery usually took place during the declining periods of ancient Egyptian history,” he said.
Valuable treasures including golden coffins and objects made of precious stone were stolen in the ancient periods, sometimes a few months after the death of the Pharoah, while most of the objects that were made of stone have been robbed in the past 200 years, Sabban.

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