Friday, June 20, 2014

SEE EGYPT (14), Cairo: The Kingdom, Inside the Walls of Islamic Cairo

The Kingdom
Inside the Walls of Islamic Cairo
Director Mohamed Refaat

One of the best documentaries that i have ever seen about Islamic Cairo area and how it was presented by a talented team who produced a documentary to be seen over and over.

Wish they continue to cover the whole area of Islamic Cairo, Inside the Walls and Outside the Walls. Thanks to everyone who participated in this documentary.

This documentary will include information about the following Islamic attractions in Cairo:

Al-Hakim Mosque (Fatimid dynasty)/Wekalet Bazaara (Between Fatimid dynasty and the reign of the Ottoman Turks/Sultan Qalawun (Mamluks)/SON Sultan Mohamed Ibn Qalawun (Mamluks)/SON Sultan Hassan Ibn Qalawun/

Our coming project is to try to give an idea about Islamic Cairo area, from 640 AD the beginning of Islam in Egypt, by presenting the Mosques which were built through different periods of Islamic rulers in Egypt. Will call our project

" M o s q u e s & M i n a r t s "

 Lets consider this documentary the introduction of our project…. again thanks for the effort and great work, Enjoy….

Copyrights for this documentary to the talented team

Director:  Mohamed Refaat
The Kingdom, is a documentary film - short drama - a Graduation project for students of Mass Communication Faculty , Cairo University in 2010.

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