Monday, July 7, 2014

News, Cairo: 44 stolen pages of ‘Description de l'Egypte’ recovered

The 44 pages stolen from Description de l'Egypte were seized this week in seven parcels before shipping to Kuwait, according to a statement by the technical committee formed by the Ministry of Antiquities on Wednesday.

The pages were looted from the Institut d'Egypte during the famous fire that broke out during riots after the January revolution.
Mohamed al-Shahat, head of the Cargo Village, said the pages have been stored until prosecutors order their delivery to the Ministry of Antiquities.

The pages were found in seven parcels weighing 771 kg before shipping on a Lufthansa flight to Kuwait via Frankfurt. They are 74 cm long and 56 cm wide. Also found were 18 frames containing photos from the book.

The Description de l'Egypte is one of the most famous documents of Egyptology conducted by a French team accompanying Napoleon during his conquest of Egypt. The details of not only the pharaonic ruins, but also the details of everyday Egyptians, are one of the earliest and most complete archeological and historical records of the country.
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