Tuesday, July 22, 2014

News, Cairo: Rare artefacts transported to the Grand Egyptian Museum under tight security

Three rare artefacts were transported today from the Pyramids’ antiquities storage facility to the restoration centre of the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The artefacts were transported by Ministry of Antiquities vehicles amid heavy security.

The first artefact transported was the statue of Queen Twosret, wife of King Siptah, the last ruler of the nineteenth dynasty. The headless statue is carved from sandstone. (As shown below)

The second artefact is a carved plaster panel depicting King Thutmose IV presenting offerings to the Great Sphinx. (As shown below)

The third is a rare papyrus dating back to the Greek era.

The artefacts were transported under strict security under the supervision of Osama Abo Al-Kheir, General Supervisor of the Grand Cairo Museum project, Hussein Kamal, Executive Director of the project, Eissa Zidan, Director of pulmonary restorations, Colonel Ayman Badawi, Head of Grand Egyptian Museum security, Major Omar Raslan of Al-Haram Antiquities Investigations Department, Abdel-Ghani Mohamed, Supervisor of antiquities packaging and storage unit and Tamer Al-Nawawi, Supervisor of heavy antiquities unit.
Photo courtesy TNN, Ayman Barayez
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