Thursday, July 31, 2014

News: US gov’t gives up fight for Ka-Nefer-Nefer

The fight for custody of a 3,200-old mummy mask is over and the priceless artefact will stay at the St. Louis Art Museum, as the US government has given up the battle to reclaim it on behalf of Egypt.

US Attorney Richard Callahan said on Tuesday that the Department of Justice will take no further legal action to reclaim the funeral mask of Lady Ka-Nefer-Nefer, a noblewoman who died in 1186 BC. The mask went missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo more than 40 years ago, as reported by TNN last month. The St. Louis Art Museum said it researched the provenance of the mask and legitimately bought it in 1998.

A federal judge ruled in 2012 that the US government provided no evidence of “theft, smuggling or clandestine importation.” An appeals court panel later agreed. “We were relying on the lack of any records showing a lawful transfer,” Callahan said. “The court ended up deciding that wasn’t enough to lead to an inference of stealing. “We believe that it received a full and fair proceeding, and we’re glad that it’s finally coming to an end.” the attorney for the museum David Linenbroker commented praising the decision.

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