Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Help Egypt and its Antiquities: Positive Work towards Protecting Cultural Heritage | Ancient Egypt and a Maple Leaf

The past few weeks and months there have been sad news regarding the state of antiquities and cultural heritage around the world. From reports of the destruction of the famed shrine of Jonas near Mosul, Iraq, by ISIS militants to the sale of the Old Kingdom statue of Sekehmka by Northampton Borough Council in the UK, similar stories surface every day. We are now all too familiar with these kinds of stories, yet what work is being done to protect cultural heritage around the globe?

After Egypt underwent its major season of change with the ouster of Mubarak in early 2011, looting and destruction of heritage has dramatically increased around the country. One Egyptian archaeologist in particular has garnered huge attention around the world for her efforts to curb looting: Dr. Monica Hanna. She was among the founders of the Egypt Heritage Task Force and is often featured on documentaries on Egypt’s cultural heritage.

There have also been sessions and lectures hosted by various Egyptological societies as the continued trouble makes up a huge part of our daily academic careers. Earlier this year in Portland, the American Research Centre in Egypt focused its Plenary Session on Building Bridges for Heritage: Reaching out to Communities and Constituencies in a Changing Egypt, where several experts on the subject participated in a discussion. It was highly informative, as not only problems were discussed, but also solutions to these were explored. You can watch the video below.........Read More

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