Wednesday, August 13, 2014

News, Aswan: 16 mummies and 4 coffins saved from theft

Pharaonic mummies are on display at the Egyptian museum in Cairo - 
REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany
CAIRO: Officials in Aswan managed to save 16 mummies and four coffins from theft, Youm7 reported Thursday.

Police found the mentioned mummies in the Tombs of Princes in West Aswan and it is believed that the ancient pieces belong to Roman and Greek eras. The antiquities authority is expected to form a committee to research their historical value.

Residents in the area filed a claim to the Investigation Department of Tourism and Antiquities in Upper Egypt after they suspected the theft and discovered the mummies in front of the place of the tombs.

A number of anonymous men broke into the tombs that no one is allowed to enter, opened some of the graves, and dug the mummies out, according to Al-Watan.

The tourism of police headed the security campaign to retrieve the mummies and notified the prosecution to start investigations of the incident. They also gave directions to intensify security measures and search in the surrounding areas to find the perpetrators.

There have been several incidents of illegal diggings of antiquities in Aswan recently; on July 17, the police foiled an attempt of monuments digging in a house behind el-Tabia mosque, Al-Bawabah News reported.

The security campaign found a four-meter deep hole in the ground and seven-meter crypt leading to the alleged buried antiquities in the area.
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