Monday, August 25, 2014

News, Cairo: British explorer Levison Wood finally in Egypt on his "Walking The Nile" expedition

Levison Wood in Cairo by Tom McShane, FRGS Operations
 Director Secret Compass Ltd
British explorer, writer, and photographer Levison Wood reached Tahrir Square Wednesday before continuing his Walking the Nile adventure as the first person to walk the entire length of the Nile River.

“It is not just about the walk. It is also about experiencing the countries I pass through, seeing the sites, meeting several people, and getting to know more about their daily life and culture,” Wood told The Cairo Post Wednesday.

Wood, 31, former captain in the Parachute Regiment, started his 6,000 km journey from the mountains of Rwanda and travelled through six countries where he experienced the different cultures, landscapes, swathes, wildlife, and the Sahara Desert.

“It has been my lifetime adventure. There are so many ways you can see a country and I feel I am very privileged to be able to walk through six different countries and meet people of different cultures on the way,” Wood told The Cairo Post.

Levison, driven by fascination of Africa, passed through Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, and Sudan before crossing the borders into Egypt in July.

Since he began his hike in November 2013, he also encountered some safety issues while “passing through places like South Sudan with civil wars and tribal fighting along with bureaucracy, politics involved. But, finally, I am fine and happy to have made it to Cairo.”  Read More 

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