Sunday, November 2, 2014

News: An attempt to smuggle 3 antique coins was failed at Cairo airport !!!

On his way to Dubai, a traveler was stopped by the customs and the Antiquities Unit at Cairo airport. The traveler tried to smuggle 3 antique coins.

Two of the coins dated back to 1937 (2 Piasters) and 1939 (5 Piasters). (1 pound = 100 Piasters)
Both coins hold the picture of King Farouk I.

The third coin is 1 American dollar dated to 1789.  The coin shows on one side President George Washington and the other side the Statue of Liberty.
The coins were confiscated for the Ministry of Antiquities and procedures are being taken to hand the American coin to the United States embassy in Cairo as soon as possible based on the UNESCO convention.
Source: Luxor Times  

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