Wednesday, November 12, 2014

News: Dr. Zahi Hawass described report by the Daily Mail as "a wrong report"

Dr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Antiquities, described the report published by the Daily Mail British about the film produced by the BBC for Tutankhamun and his illnesses as "a wrong report", and that all that is written in it nothing to do with science onion, Egyptian Group for the study of the Royal Mummies The studies many denies all the rumors came in the Daily Mail report, and echoed this talk German "mentally retarded" is trying to fame on the small King account.

He said in a press release his remarks on Saturday evening: We are going to take action to prevent the screening of the film in America, they used the CT scan results without reference to me as a group study of the mummies, especially that we have worked more than 5 years in the study of royal mummies, pointing out that the figure imaginary of Tutankhamun Amon done by a group of French which did not rely on any scientific thing. 

He added: Tutankhamun was in normal structure, although it has health problems, but they were not the degree that makes it "fool" as depicted by some, and this distortion of the Pharaoh and the king entered the hearts of the people in the whole world, health problems did not prevent him from riding chariots and hunting wild animals and the practice of his life quite naturally

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