Friday, November 7, 2014

Our treasures Abroad, England: Rare 5,000 year old Egyptian artefacts go on display

An exciting collection of Egyptian artefacts dating back 5,000 years is being revealed to the public, after being hidden away in storage for forty years.

The collection belonged to Anne Goodison from Liverpool and was acquired in the late 1800s.

Around 1,000 pieces were collected on trips to Egypt and now this stunning collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, ornaments, a sarcophagus lid and even a mummy, will now go on permanent display at the Egyptology gallery at Atkinson Art Gallery in Southport, England

Museum and galleries officer, Nicola Euston said the gallery will be set up into four sections based around Egyptian life, from communications, everyday life, ritual and beauty.

“We have some really outstanding pieces, it isn’t a huge collection but what we have got is very good quality,” she explained.

The coffin lid, which will be next to the mummy, is painted all the way down with different scenes, it is beautiful, I love the coffin lid, it is just amazing,” she said.

A brightly-coloured feathered bird with a human head is part of the haunting collection. Wooden ba-birds were placed on top of coffins or shrines in ancient Egypt, allowing the spirits of the dead to gain mobility.

“He looks a bit like a budgie with big feet,” says Jo Chamberlain of the Atkinson. “Our specimen is unfortunately missing part of one of his wings, but he’s no comedy character.

“The ba-bird had a very important job and was responsible for looking after what made you ‘you’. He could leave the coffin and then return, acting as a spiritual messenger and bringing the deceased sustenance.”

As well as the mummy and sarcophagus lid, there are many treasures to explore from amulets to jewellery, statues, intricate letter seals, original Egyptian wheat grains, as well as pots and bowls that are pre-dynastic, a period that came before the formation of Egypt under one pharaoh, and are more than five thousand years old.

Visitors can try on clothes and wigs, receive hair treatments from the era, sample perfumes and weigh human hearts to discover the virtuousness of their former owners.
Source: Al Tahrir News 

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