Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Re-Opening, Giza: 2 newly restored Giza tombs to be opened to public in November

CAIRO: Two ancient tombs of high officials near the Great Pyramid at Giza will be opened to the public starting in November after the completion of their renovation work, Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty told Al-Ahram last week.

“The tomb of Imry, a high priest during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu (2589 B.C.-2566 B.C.), and the tomb of Nefer bau Ptah, who was a superintendent of the royal palace during the Fifth Dynasty (2494 B.C.-2345 B.C.), will be opened to the public in mid-November after more than four years of renovation carried out under the Supreme Council of Antiquities,” said Damaty.

The tomb of Imry is located in the southwestern corner of the western necropolis at Giza and includes a number of vividly colored paintings covering the walls representing most of the practices of Imry’s everyday life, Sherif el-Sabban, the Dean of Minya University’s Faculty of Tourism and Hotels and an archaeologist, told The Cairo Post Saturday.

“The restoration work in Imry’s tomb included the removal of modern graffiti left by visitors on the walls of the tomb—particularly in the burial chamber—along with the removal of the old finishing mortar, which was falling from the walls,” said Sabban, who added that new mortar was then applied to the walls.

As for the other tomb, also located in the western Necropolis at Giza, it belongs to Nefer bau Ptah, “the overseer of the royal estates” during the Fifth Dynasty, Sabban added.

“This tomb is badly damaged due to the poor condition of the rock from which it was carved in the cliff and from a sanitation system installed in an unscientific method in the nearby Nazlet al-Samman suburb,” said Sabban.

Discovered in the 1960s, some of its side walls and ceilings are in a bad state of preservation. The renovation work included restoring and strengthening the paintings and fixing the fading colors, he added.
Source: Cairo Post – By/Rany Mostafa

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