Wednesday, December 24, 2014

News: Hurghada International Airport. New passenger Terminal

Hurghada International Airport
Hurghada International Airport currently has capacity of 4.6 million passengers per year.

Owing to its location on the banks of the Red Sea it has witnessed an increasing number of tourists engaging in water sports. The increase in traffic requires that a new runway and terminal be built with the capacity to handle 7.5 million passengers when opened.

The building's architecture draws its inspiration from the landscape around Hurghada: the sea and desert. From the city's perspective, the outside architecture of the building evokes the sails of large ancient sailing ships. 

Long undulating ribbons attached to the masts guide the travelers. From the runway, the undulating roof merges with the ground, resembling a large wave. Inside the building, the ceiling consists of large taut sails sheltering vast clear and fluid spaces.

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