Friday, December 12, 2014

Recovered Artifacts, Cairo: Airport seizes would-be smuggler with 48 antique coins

Athenian coins found in Alexandria in the Numismatic Museum in Athens
 Photo by Xuan Che, via Flickr
CAIRO: Authorities at Cairo International Airport arrested a man attempting to smuggle a set of 48 antique coins date from several periods of Egypt’s history, according to the Antiquities Ministry’s Facebook page Monday.

“Customs administrators suspected an Egyptian passenger, who was heading to Athens, and by searching his suitcases, the coins were found,” according to Ahmed al-Rawy, Head of the Central Administration for Egyptian Ports Archaeological Units.

An archaeological committee, comprising officials from airport antiquity authorities and the Antiquities Ministry have examined the coins and confirmed their authenticity, Rawy added.

“Three of the seized coins date back to Egypt history’s Greek Period (332 B.C.-30 B.C.) with an image of Greek King Ptolemy III Euergetes depicted in the verso. Another coin dates from the Islamic period and engraved with Kufic calligraphy writing,” said el-Rawy.

The other 44 seized coins mainly date from Egypt’s Ottoman-era (1517-1952.) Most of them were coined in Egypt with images of Sultan Hussein Kamel (1914-1917), Sultan Fouad I (1922-1936) and King Farouk (1936-1952), according to el-Rawy.

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