Sunday, February 8, 2015

News: Dr Zahi Hawass Lectures at the San Diego Natural History Museum on 3 March 2015

WORLD-RENOWNED EGYPTIAN ARCHEOLOGIST, DR. ZAHI HAWASS, TO SPEAK AT THE SAN DIEGO NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM. Lecture to include details and insight into recent discoveries of pyramids, mummies, and Cleopatra.

The San Diego Natural History Museum (theNAT) and presenting sponsor Bank of America offer a one-of-a-kind multimedia lecture by Dr Zahi Hawass, a world-renowned Egyptian archeologist, on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at 7 PM at the Charmaine and Maurice Kaplan Theater inside the Museum.

Tickets for this captivating presentation, Adventures in Archeology with Dr Zahi Hawass, will be available beginning Tuesday, February 3. Admission to this special event is $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Seating is limited and tickets can be purchased at

Dr Hawass will introduce his new book, Discovering Tutankhamun – From Howard Carter to DNA, and speak about Tutankhamun, the famous boy king and subject of The Discovery of King Tut exhibition, which is on view at theNAT through April 26. The lecture will also include details about the search for the tomb of Queen Nefertiti, offer new insights on the tombs in the Valley of the King, and take an in-depth look at the exciting research into the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.

Over his successful career, Dr Hawass has made a number of major discoveries, including the Tombs of the Pyramid Builders at Giza and the Valley of the Golden Mummies at Bahariya Oasis. He has also been involved with several important archeological projects and will share numerous personal experiences gleaned from his many years of research.

“We are honored to host Dr Hawass’ lecture and look forward to hearing him share unique details about the mystery of the great pyramids, as well as his countless excavations, research projects, discoveries and more,” said Dr Michael Hager, president and CEO of the Museum. “The Discovery of King Tut has already attracted many visitors to theNAT, and this unique opportunity offers yet another dimension to the story of ancient Egypt.”

In addition to being an influential and dynamic speaker, Dr Hawass is also famous for his activism in preserving the history and legacy of Egypt. He has been widely featured on numerous television programs, including Good Morning America, live from the Great Sphinx with Joan Lunden, and many documentaries with several networks, such as National Geographic, the History Channel, and PBS. He is also the author of more than 150 scholarly articles and 40 popular books.

A book signing will immediately follow this lecture, and books will be available for sale in the Museum store. In addition, The Discovery of King Tut will be open late the night of the lecture, with the last entry at 5:30 PM, so guests can view the exhibition beforehand should they wish (special exhibition admission rates apply).

The Discovery of King Tut features more than 1,000 scientifically-produced replicas, hand-crafted by Egyptian artisans, and provides an unbelievable glimpse into the greatest archeological discovery of the 20th century: Tutankhamun’s tomb.
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