Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission Working in Egypt, Gebel el Silsila Survey Project: Back for a New Season!

The Silsila Team has once more returned to site for another exciting season of fieldwork!

The spring season, which is expected to run from 1 March to the end of April, is hoped to result in more information on the 'stables of Tiberius', transportation aspects and pictorial scenes within Corridor A in the Main Quarry, further understanding of the infrastructure, chronological aspects based on ceramic material, rock art, geological features, digital archaeology, etc. etc.

So, with this brief note, please keep your eyes open for new updates within the coming few days with photos and personal blog entries from our members from our first week of fieldwork!

First Week:
Well into the second week of an already incredible season of archaeological work at Silsila, we are overdue with another update. To welcome two new members to the team, this update will be written by Huib and Liz, with some nice images from our first week of fieldwork. With so much to report, so many interesting thoughts to share, and archaeology at its best, there is, of course, more to come shortly! But for now, here are their personal summaries (written 7 days into the season):

After my job as a salesman ended, I had the opportunity to join the archaeological expedition at Gebel el Silsila as a volunteer and this was a dream come true. I am now already six days on the dahabiya, this boat is the “dig house” of the mission of Silsila. I can only say one word: incredible.

The first days were very exciting for me, because I have never done this before. I was all new to me and I was curious what the expectations are, what our goals are and what tasks I will do. But right away the open and good communication with the complete crew, mend I found another home. The team consists at the moment of eight persons and there will be specialists coming and going the next six weeks.

As the archaeological site is so remote, it brings a lot of logistical challenges for the team. A lot of hard work had been going into organizing everything, from hiring the boat, buying food and drinks for staying seven weeks and bring the team to Silsila.

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