Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Opening, Cairo: Four Season’s Upper Deck Lounge Creates Food Heaven

The Four Season’s Upper Deck Lounge is the hotel’s newest restaurant, and it specialises in two unexpected cuisines. Right on top of a swimming pool, and in the heart of Nile Plaza’s Four Seasons hotel, lies Egypt’s new gem, the Upper Deck Lounge.
After being welcomed by a helpful waiter, the beautiful paintings and classical music will sufficiently categorise the night as relaxing. The lounge is strategically located on the hotel’s rooftop, which makes it look over the pool and the inland oasis.

The Four Season’s Upper Deck Lounge is the hotel’s newest restaurant, and it specialises in two unexpected cuisines. The lounge offers two separate menus, sushi and sashimi as well as tapas. Both choices have a wide range of cold, warm and hot plates. While the sushi and sashimi dishes meet the increasing popularity of far eastern food in Egypt, Tapas is effortlessly the place’s specialty. Tapas is a form of Spanish food that comes in small portions but plenty of flavour.

The restaurants innovative Konafa is not to be missed, as they top it with hummus and chicken liver. On the dessert side, the restaurant’s star plate is the blue berry, chocolate and tofu-cream mix. All dishes are made fresh and in a relatively short time. The team is also always open to alterations and suggestions to meet the guests’ preferences.

The overall service is quite fast and organised. The size of the team is very impressive but what is even better is their tasks-delegation as their services never overlap nor feel over whelming. To insure the guests’ full comfort, the lounge is divided into two areas, indoor and outdoor. As a solution to the old smoking problem, the indoor area, which is surrounded with an all-glass wall to maintain the beautiful view, offers an electronic Shisha that prevents second-hand smoke.

The management’s love for art is visible and contagious. In a gallery-like display several masterpieces are showcased. The lounge’s paintings and sculptures are courtesy of genuine Egyptian talent and Zamalek art gallery.

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