Thursday, May 21, 2015

Our Exhibitions Abroad, Omaha: Explore ancient Egypt in new Durham Museum exhibit

The mummy display at the Durham will offer insights into who the buried person 
really was, based on forensic science.
Visitors will explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt in a new exhibit opening Saturday at the Durham Museum. “Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science” runs through Sept. 6 and is the museum’s major summer exhibit.

Visitors will use hands-on challenges, authentic artifacts and guidance from archaeologists to learn how modern science and technology can reveal the mysteries of Egypt, its culture and its people, the museum says. “It will give people a real sense of what Egyptian life was like,” said Jessica Brummer, a Durham spokeswoman.

Exhibit highlights include:

» Explore the Tomb — Explore this darkened re-creation of a tomb hallway decorated with artwork and hieroglyphics using mirrors and light sources to highlight sections of the wall.
» Mummy Display — This respectful display brings you face-to-face with a real Egyptian mummy. Learn the story of who this person was in life based on forensic evidence.
» Camel Climb — Climb atop this replica of a life-size camel for a photo. A computer game nearby challenges you to pack the right equipment and supplies for your excavation.
» Push and Pull — Move a block to discover the scale of the stones used to build the pyramids and experiment with the ancient Egyptian engineering and technologies that may have been used to move them.
» Build a Pyramid — Use specially shaped geometric wooden blocks to build a tabletop pyramid to understand the architectural and engineering challenges.
» Hieroglyphics — Learn about the language of hieroglyphics and decode an authentic message from ancient Egypt.

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