Monday, June 8, 2015

News: Egypt, EU twinning agreement to reach full potential in 24 months

 EgyptAir still studying financing air fleet increase from 81 to 125 aircrafts. Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority is working on a twinning agreement with the European Union (EU) to increase cooperation between both sides, according to Vice Chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority Hani Al-Adawy.

“Our aviation legislations are affiliated with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Egyptian legislations issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation,” Al-Adawy told Daily News Egypt. “The project aims to look into the difference of legislations between Egypt and the EU and try to reduce the gap.”

The agreement was launched in mid-May, with Italy chosen as a partner in the project, which has four axes to be achieved within 24 months, he noted. He added that the twinning project axis targets the rapprochement between Egypt’s regulations and those of the EU, as well as legislations and institutional amendments and cooperation in the exchange of technology and information of the sector, as well as training.

Regarding the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s steps in increasing the EgyptAir fleet, Al-Adawy said that the national airline is still studying the financing of this plan, and has yet to proceed with increasing the fleet. Regarding financing the purchases, Al-Adawy clarified the authority is not involved in this process. He said, however, that EgyptAir is expected to cover the targeted increase through bank loans or donations. EgyptAir is targeting an increase in its fleet from the current 81 aircraft to 125 by 2020.

On another note, Al-Adawy indicated that two airlines have recently entered the Egyptian market; namely Air Leisure, which entered the market about two month ago with three aircrafts linking flights to China, as well as Fly Egypt, which entered the market with two aircrafts. He also signalled that any airline with the capacity can increase the number of its aircrafts, but until now the total number of private airlines’ aircrafts does not match Egypt Air’s fleet.

Regarding the new entries, Al-Adawy elaborated that that the authority always receives new private airlines’ applications to enter the market, and if they meet the standards and regulations set by the ministry they are accepted in the market. Al-Adawy added that the ministry is not looking for new loans at the moment, and that all projects in progress are financially covered.

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