Monday, June 29, 2015

News, Luxor: Egypt's Karnak temple theft claims 'unfounded'

Sultan Eid, head of Luxor Antiquities, has denied media reports that artefacts have been stolen from Karnak temple galleries.written by Nevine El-Aref

He told Ahram Online that all the artefacts are safe and sound. The car which was parked at the western gate of Karnak temple, he continued, belonged to the archaeological mission of the American Research Centre in Cairo which is working in Khonsu temple and tomb number 110 at Assassif on Luxor's west bank.

The car, Sultan asserted, was not filled with artefacts, as claimed, but with samples of rubble, sand and cement that were transported to the restoration laboratory inside Karnak temple for study.

If these samples prove a success, Sultan explained, they would be used in the restoration of tomb number 110 at Assassif.

The car transported these samples a month ago, not a week ago as reported, and it was done after taking all security and safety measures and under the supervision of the Tourism and Antiquities Police.

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