Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Opening: Sandy City the new attraction of Hurghada

Sandy City is a new attraction in Hurghada. Sandy City is located under the open sky in a vacant lot near Senzo Mall. Open daily during the daylight hours and admission is $ 10. The best sculptors of the world created their masterpieces of world history, culture and cinema. In the sandy city housed more than 30 sculptures made only of water and sand.

In the first half of the museum there is a tower of heroes from mythical stories and famous emperors of all time: Zeus, Poseidon, Napoleon, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Julius Caesar and many others.

In another part there are multiple stars of Hollywood films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean," "Spider - Man," " Iron Man," " Transformers," “King - Kong" and others. Artists do not forget even our beloved cartoon characters, "Well, wait a minute” and “Kikoriki."

Mesmerizing scale of the aligned figures has the growth height of 2-3 humans. The construction of this wonderful museum took more than 20 tons of sand. The amazingly beautiful sculptures will bring a lot of fun for children and their parents. And to help them in this, there will be an experienced guide who will tell everyone a lot about creating a sandy miracle. I wonder how they make these masterpieces of sand and why they stand for so long.

To start working, they take only purified water, dust, stones and sand. The wet building materials become very compacted using wood shuttering. The result is a huge, very dense clump of sand. From there, the masterful sculptor carves the plan work. Shovels, sculptural hinge palette knife and spatulas are the tools that the artist uses.

In the eyes of the audience the statues come alive of great men of humanity and fictitious characters from popular movies. Unfortunately, they are not durable. The main destroyers of sand sculptures are sun, wind and rain. Therefore, upon completion of all works fixed with a special adhesive solution. Additionally, spraying continues daily to prolong the life of figures.

Sandy masterpieces will please the visitors to the museum. Sand City will soon become a favorite place to visit not only by tourists, but residents who have bought property in Hurghada and are residing here. Hurry to see creations of artists from around the world!

Photos in the sand sculptures you keep are memories of the wonderful moments of a lifetime!

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