Sunday, September 20, 2015

News, Cairo: National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Organizes First Exhibition

The temporary exhibition will showcase objects borrowed from a number of other museums. Written By / Nevine El-Aref.
Under the name "Crafts and Industries through the Ages" the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) is to open its first temporary exhibition in October.

Khaled El-Enani, NMEC director, told Ahram Online the exhibition will display some 400 artefacts showcasing the old techniques used in four Egyptian crafts: clay, jewelleries, textiles and wood.

He explains that the objects have been carefully selected from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo's Egyptian Museum, Coptic Museum, Museum of Islamic Civilization and Al-Manial Palace Museum, as well as Alexandria's Jewellery Museum.

The exhibition will also illuminate the continuation and development of the old crafts into modern times.

"This exhibition is a step towards NMEC third's and final stage along the road to opening, which includes using the museum’s 23,000 square metres of exhibition hall," concluded El-Enani.

Antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty said the exhibition is a step on the right path, and the exhibition will be organised by the chronology and geography of the artefacts. A multi-media electronic guide will be available.

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