Monday, October 5, 2015

Recovered Artifacts, London: Egypt’s Embassy in London Restores Smuggled Relief of King Seti I

Relief of SetI
CAIRO: The Egyptian embassy in the U.K. has restored an ancient Egyptian stele dates back to the New Kingdom’s 19th dynasty (1291B.C. – 1278B.C,) the state news agency MENA reported Saturday.

A British citizen sent the embassy the limestone stele after he recognized that it has been smuggled from Egypt to U.K. He has purchased the smuggled artifact from an antiquities merchant.

The stele measures 43*67 centimeters. It depicts colorful inscriptions of The Egyptian god Anubis, goddess Hathor, and pharaoh Seti I. The artifact was smuggled from a temple in Asyut during excavation works before 1970.

Egypt restored Friday a 4,200-year-old ancient Egyptian wooden figurine, which was looted in the aftermath of 2011 uprising, from France. The 33 cm-long figurine dates back to the sixth Dynasty (2345B.C.-2181B.C.,) it depicts a naked woman resting on her belly with her arms stretched forward.

On Aug. 4, Egypt repatriated a 35,000-year-old human skeleton that had been held in Belgium since 1980, MENA reported.  On June 8, 2014, eight Islamic wooden art pieces have been repatriated from Copenhagen after a Danish court ruled that Egypt is entitled to recover them.

The smuggling of many Egyptian ancient artifacts outside the country extensively appeared in the aftermath of the January 25 Revolution in 2011 when a political turmoil hit the country, leaving cultural heritage vulnerable to looting.

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