Sunday, November 15, 2015

News, Giza: Pyramids Lit up with French Flag Colors in Solidarity with Paris Attack Victims

CAIRO: Giza pyramids were lit in the blue, white and red colors of the French flag Saturday night in solidarity with the victims of the Friday Paris attacks that killed at least 127 people.

The French flag was also raised around the 4,400 year-old pyramids and Sphinx. The pyramids were also lit in white, blue and red of Russia’s flag to show solidarity with the 224 Russian passengers killed in the plane crash over Sinai Oct. 31.

Several landmarks across the globe including Sydney Opera House, the 408-foot spire of One World Trade Center, San Francisco’s Blue Hall and Mexico City’s senate building were lit up with colors of the French flag Saturday night to show sympathy with the victims.

The deadly attacks that rocked the French capital on Friday is expected to have a negative impact on Egypt’s limping tourism sector. European tourism represents about 72% of total inbound tourism to Egypt annually.
Source: Cairo Post – By/ Rany Mostafa

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