Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Valley of Kings: The Burial Chamber - House of Gold Wherein One Rests

If the tomb had been completed, the right (north) and left (south) sides of the lower floor level would have been extended, leaving only ledges for the upper floor level on the left and right sides of the chamber, instead of the wide surfaces now there.

The sides of the burial pit were roughly widened to accommodate a large, red granite sarcophagus box, now broken in two, with its foot half lying in the pit.

Four pillars flank the front (east) wall of the chamber with two on each side of the descent from the gate to the central lower level. The first and fourth pillars were not completely cut away from the surrounding rock. The pillars show Rameses VI with "Ma'at", "Ptah-Sokar", "Anubis", "Meretseger", "Osiris", and "Ptah". In the rear (west) wall, there are four pilasters, representing unfinished cuttings of pillars.

The left, right and rear walls and pilasters are decorated with texts from the Book of the Earth. Pilasters 2 and 3 are inscribed with the names of Rameses VI. The vaulted ceiling, which extends over the burial pit and the spaces to its west and east, is cut at a right angle to the tomb's axis. The Sky goddess "Nut" is drawn twice separating the vaulted ceiling into two spaces (east and west).

The space to the east depicting the "Book of day" with red disks "the sun" inside the yellow body of Nut and a very dark blue background. The book of Day holds names and epithets of Rameses the sixth. and a description of the sun god "Ra" journey through the heavens in the day time before he is swallowed by the sky goddess "Nut".

The space to the west is depicting the "Book of night" with five points stars inside of Nut and a black background representing the night. The book of Night is a description of the sun god "Ra" journey through the heavens wherein he is swallowed by the sky goddess "Nut" in the evening and reborn in the morning.

information about this very rich tomb is provided with a little help from our friends at The Theban Mapping Project , check out their amazing work documenting the valley and make sure you follow us for updates.

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