Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Treasures Abroad, California: ST Mummy Scan Reveals ‘Sediment’ in Skull

Mummy - YOUM7(Archive)
CAIRO: A CT scan, carried out on a 3,200-year-old ancient Egyptian female mummy, has revealed unusual “dark sediment” deposited in her skull, according to a statement by Stanford University School of Medicine.

“It’s some form of material added into the brain case while the brain was left inside,” Jonathan Elias, the director of the Akhmim Mummy Studies Consortium, said in the statement. “We have not seen that particular pattern before,” he added.

The researchers also surprisingly found the woman’s brain remains inside the skull. It is uncommon because the brain, guts, and other vital organs except for the heart were removed during the mummification which was based on the dehydration of the deceased’s body.

The mummy is for a woman nicknamed as Hatason while her true name is not known. She was buried in a tomb in Upper Egypt’s governorate of Asyut, according to Stanford, the mummy was transported from Egypt to San Francisco in the late 1800s and was displayed at the California Midwinter International Exposition in 1894. In 1895, the mummy joined the collection of San Francisco’s de Young Museum.

“The fact that the brain was not removed from the skull suggests the individual lived during the New Kingdom, between the 16th and 11th centuries B.C.,” Elias said, adding that in mummies created after that period, “the brain was always removed.”
Source: Cairo Post– By/Rany Mostafa

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