Thursday, January 21, 2016

News: ‘Around Egypt on Motorcycle’ Covers 6K KM. in 7 Days

CAIRO: The Automobile and Touring Club of Egypt will honor Saturday Egyptian motorcyclist Adel Abdu who has covered 5,864 kilometers in a seven-day ride across Egypt, Al Shorouq reported Saturday.

Abdu created a Facebook page titled “Around Egypt on Motorcycle,” to announce the details of his adventure which is a bid to support tourism and “reassure the whole world that Egypt is a safe travel destination,” and to raise awareness of sustainable travel.

Abdu departed from Cairo Jan. 8 and rode 375 kilometers south along the Nile Valley to Upper Egypt’s governorate of Asyut before he rode through the oasis in the Western Desert.

The second leg of his trip covered the rest of the Nile Valley governorates until Abu Simbel before he rode through the Eastern Desert along the Red Sea coast. His adventure ended in Egypt’s Siwa oasis.
Source: Cairo Post– By/  The Cairo Post

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