Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Discovery, Dakahliya: Statuettes of Ancient Egyptian Gods Unearthed in Delta

The crocodile god Sobek (Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities)
A collection of ancient Egyptian gods and Greaco-Roman jewelleries has been uncovered in Dakahliya governorate in the Nile Delta. Written By/ Nevine El-Aref.

During a excavation mission carried out at the Graeco-Roman cemetery in Tel Al-Tabla archaeological site in Dakahliya governorate, a collection of statuettes of ancient Egyptian gods has been unearthed.

They are carved in mud-brick and among them the crocodile god Sobek. A collection of Graeco-Roman bronze, faience and ivory jewelleries has been also unearthed, along with clay pots and pans and Alabaster amulets.
ancient Egyptian fish god (Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities)
The newly discovered objects have been stored in Dakahliya's archaeological galleries for restoration.

Last year, the Egyptian mission at Tel Al-Tabla discovered a mud-brick mastaba tomb consisting of a number of burial shafts.

In one of the shafts, archaeologists uncovered a limestone anthropoid sarcophagus of a lady called Werty, along with a large collection of 180 ushabti figurines carved in wood and limestone.
Source: Ahram Online
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