Tuesday, April 26, 2016

News, Cairo: 40-Artifact Exhibit Opens at Egyptian Museum to Mark Sinai Liberation Day

CAIRO: A temporary exhibition titled ” Sinai: the origin of the alphabet” will be inaugurated at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Monday in the occasion of the Sinai Liberation Day, the antiquities ministry announced.

The exhibition will display artifacts, unearthed in Sinai and carved with alphabetic inscriptions of several ancient Egyptian scripts to shed the light on the development of the alphabetic writing during the early second millennium B.C., said Antiquities Minister Khaled Al Anany.

The exhibit, which will last for six months, is organized by the antiquities ministry in cooperation with the University of Bonn Archaeological Mission.

It will feature 40 artifacts representing ancient Egyptian deities, including Hathor and Ptah, who were worshipped in Sinai during early Pharaonic history, said Anany.

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