Saturday, April 9, 2016

News, Giza: Grand Egyptian Museum Receives 5,000 Year-Old Set of Artifacts

CAIRO: A set of 430 artifacts from the Egyptian Museum collection were transported to the under-construction Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in preparation for restoration and future display, the Antiquities Ministry announced in a statement Thursday.

The collection was found inside the first Dynasty tomb of Pharaoh Djer (around 3,100 B.C,) located in Saqqara. 

The tomb was discovered by British archaeologist Walter Bryan Emery (1902-1971,) said GEM Director Tarek Tawfik.

Chisels, jars, alabaster plates, false doors, painted reliefs, funerary furniture and Ushabti figurines are among the artifacts transported, he added.

Issa Zeidan, the Director of Restoration Department at the GEM announced a committee from the Antiquities Ministry will be formed to initiate the preliminary renovation required.

During the past few years, the GEM received thousands of artifacts from several museums and archaeological sites ahead of its inauguration scheduled for 2018.

Earlier this month, the museum also received 31 wooden beams of the second solar barge of Pharaoh Khufu in preparation for restoration and reassembly.

In April 2015, a total of 200 artifacts of Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s treasures were transferred to the GEM where they will be on display in a separate hall dedicated to the young pharaoh.

GEM, situated on 120 acres of land, is located 2 km southwest of the Giza Pyramids and was scheduled to be inaugurated in August 2015, but due to funding issues, according to former Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al Damaty’s statement in Al-Ahram; it is not expected be inaugurated before 2018.

The construction of the three-phase project, which includes the construction of the museum’s main building and implementation of the master plan, landscape parks and surrounding site infrastructure, began in March 2012, and two phases have been completed so far.
Source: Cairo Post– By/ Rany Mostafa

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