Friday, May 13, 2016

News: Luxor Named World Tourism Capital 2016

Cairo: The Executive Council of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) unanimously chose Luxor to be world tourism capital for 2016, according to the State Information Service (SIS.)

Ancient Egypt’s capital during the New Kingdom Period (1,580B.C.-1,080B.C.) was also chosen to host the activities of UNWTO’s 104th session, scheduled for October this year.

The announcement came during the UNWTO held Tuesday in Malaga, Spain under the slogan “Tourism and Security: Towards a Framework for Safe, Secure and Seamless Travel.” The meeting, which focused on security and tourism issues, marked the start of Egypt’s 12-month-long chairmanship of the UNWTO’s executive council 103rd session.

About 20 tourism ministers and delegations from more than 50 countries and representatives of 500 tourist organizations and agencies from 130 countries were present during the session. During the meetings, Tourism Minister Yehia Rashed has called for all unnecessary travel bans for tourists to be lifted, describing the global tourism movement as “a cornerstone for both international economic and human development.”

“Egypt has taken significant positive steps in addressing security issues and I call upon all those countries currently imposing flight suspension to Egypt to reconsider the request positively,” said Rashid. The 3,500 year-old city was also chosen to host the 5th Global Summit on City Tourismscheduled for Nov. 1-3, 2016.
Source: The Cairo Post - By/ The Cairo Post

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