Tuesday, June 7, 2016

News, Giza: 526 Artifacts to Arrive at Grand Egyptian Museum on Monday

Packing Process of The Clay Pots
The artifacts, from various historical periods, will undergo comprehensive restoration before exhibition. Written By/ Nevine El-Aref.

Tarek Tawfik, the supervisor-general of the Grand Egyptian Museum, told Ahram Online that a collection of 526 artifacts carefully selected from storehouses in Atfih, Giza are set to arrive Monday at Giza’s Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) for display.

Tawfik explains that among the most important objects – which are from various historical periods – are four canopic jars decorated with lids depicting the four sons of the god Horus and a well preserved collection of gilded carttonage from the Greaco-Roman era.

Gilded Carttonage Depicting God Horus & Gilded Carttonage 
Depicting Anubis
Bronze statuettes of the god Osiris and 22 clay pots with small bases are also included. 

Amulets and distinguished alabaster jars are also among the selected items. 

Eissa Zidan, director of the Restoration Department at the GEM, said that preliminary restoration works were carried out before the packing and transportation of the artifacts.

The artifacts were handed over after being examined by an archaeological committee. 

Upon their arrival at the GEM, comprehensive restoration will be carried out on all artifacts before exhibition.

Mohamed Badr, director of the GEM storehouses, asserted that all the objects were reviewed, photographed and registered in the GEM archives before transportation.

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