Wednesday, June 1, 2016

News, Russia: Nefertiti Steals The Show at Sand Sculpture Festival

Once again the annual sand sculpture festival has the world wondering about the artistic potential of sand. This year, the ceremony took place in St. Petersburg, Russia, where thousands of people came to see the creative results at this extraordinary festival.

The festival showcased 23 statues using 2.3 tonnes of sand. While animals were the most popular theme among the artists, a few based their work on pop-culture icons as well as historic monuments. Monkeys, lions, and a powerful eagle were showcased on the Neiva River.

Meanwhile, one of the masterpieces garnered a great deal of attention owing to its impeccable detail. The statue brilliantly captured the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean as it resembled the talented actor Johnny Depp.

With that said, the festival’s brightest gem was a statue inspired by ancient Egyptian monuments that revived the majestic grace of Queen Nefertiti. The sand sculpture proved great attention to detail and measurement as it followed the lines and rules of pre-historic sculptures.

The annual event supports a dying art form that is often neglected. Both the venue and the themes vary every year in order to feature a truly global share of sand-fuelled art.

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