Thursday, August 11, 2016

News: Egyptians Push Growth of Sharm El-Sheikh Hotel Occupancies, Tourist Workers

South Sinai has 65,000 hotel rooms; Egypt has a total of 225,000 operational rooms distributed across governorates of the Red Sea, Greater Cairo and South of Upper Egypt.

The improved flow of Egyptian individuals and families to tourist towns and resorts has pushed occupancies in Sharm El-Sheikh up to more than 40% during the second week of August.

Workers in tourism expect occupancy to continue growing with Egyptian families travelling during the summer season until the beginning of the new academic year in mid-September.

Hisham Ali, chairperson of the Tourism Investors Association in South Sinai, said that throughout the past two months, hotels have made offers for families in order to attract them to spend their summer vacations in Sharm El-Sheikh and other tourist areas in the governorate.

In response to some resorts’ negative reactions towards the idea of Egyptians staying in Egyptian hotels and resorts, Ali said that whoever does not want Egyptians there can shut down their hotels without senselessly talking about the issue. The presence of Egyptians there is actually protecting hotels from the tourist recession.

He believes that if it were not for domestic occupancies over the past period, the number of hotels needing to shut down would have increased significantly, especially considering the conditions of the sector from Novembe.... READ MORE  

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