Wednesday, September 21, 2016

News: Egypt's Fifteenth Edition of The Cahier De Karnak Out

The Ministry of Antiquities launched the fifteenth edition of the Cahier de Karnak in collaboration with the French Egyptian Center for Karnak Temple studies. Written By/ Nevine El-Aref.

Within the framework of the ministry of antiquities efforts to encourage scientific publicaltion, the fifteenth edition of the Cahiers de Karnak  was released.

The new edition is the product of cooperation between the ministry and the French-Egypitan Center for Karnak Temples Studies.

Hussein Bassir, director general of Scientific Publication at the ministry, told Ahram Online that  this edition is devoted to studies and research on a variety  topics related the Temples of Karnak.

Bassir explained that the periodical, which is issued annually, usually features a variety of studies in French and English, in addition to summaries translated into Arabic.

Cahiers de Karnak also carried studies of stelae and chapels such as the chapel dedicated to the god Khonsu between the Mut Temple and the Nile.

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