Saturday, October 1, 2016

Our Exhibition Abroad, Japan: "The Age of the Pyramids Builders” Exhibit to Open in Japan’s Kyoto

Antiquities Minister Khaled el Anany flew to Japan to inaugurate the 4th leg of a temporary exhibition titled “The Age of the Pyramids Builders” scheduled to open Saturday at the museum of Kyoto, Youm7 reported.

Comprising over 120 artifacts gathered from different museums across Egypt, the exhibit inaugurated in Tokyo in October. It is scheduled to last in Kyoto until December 25.

The artifacts in display, some of which have never been in public display before, are dating back to the Old Kingdom Period (2686 B.C.-2181B.C.); an era known as the Pyramids age, head of the Museums Section at the antiquities ministry Elham Salah was quoted by Youm7.

The artifacts include the Golden Mask of King Amenemopet III, a marvelous statue of Pharoah Khafre, a number of Ushabti statues, models for the “Senet” game, a wooden boat and a statue of a scribe, according to Salah.

In a bid to encourage tourism to Egypt, the exhibit is scheduled to last 25 months touring other cities in Japan including Matsuyama, Sendai, Kagoshima, Toyama, Fukuoka, and Shizuoka.

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