Saturday, December 29, 2012

iCruise Egypt Magazine - Volume 1 - 2013

iCruise Egypt Magazine - Volume 1 - January 2013

Would like to celebrate the launch of my baby magazine that started to walk in January 2013 and will give all the care possible for the magazine to get older and stronger to deliver the message it was focused to do, presenting Egypt as it should be and let people knows that "Egypt is Not only the Pyramids".

It was a dream and everything starts with a dream. Started on fulfilling my dream to publish a professional, trustable, informative magazine about my lovely country Egypt.

I want people to see Egypt through my eyes and feel for ancient Egyptian treausres presented with more comprehensively. Combining the ancient with the modern luxurious hotels and Nile cruises that we can offer.

Egypt is full of different attractions, between private sight-seeing, luxury hotels, unique river Nile cruises adventure, oriental restaurants and more in all of Egypt. So We decided to concentrate in each issue about one destination, so by the end of these volumes, you will be having in hand a guide about Egypt presented in a way you that would be kept in your library.

My pleasure to offer this issue for travel agents and tour operators around the world and would like to have your comments on and would love to co-ordinate by presenting history by a quality oriented DMC in Egypt.

You can download the online magazine PDF format from