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Monday, October 26, 2020

New Discovery, El Minya "3" : Pharaonic burial discovered in Minya.

The unearthing of an ancient burial in Upper Egypt's Minya province was made known by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
Mostafa Waziri, head of the ministry's Supreme Council of Antiquities stated in a declaration that an Egyptian task found the burial sited in Tuna al-Gabal archaeological spot in Minya.
Waziri stated that the 10-meter deep burial is the resting place of a man who worked as "supervisor of the royal treasury," saying in addition that stone statues, coffins and other archaeological discoveries were located in the tomb.
Waziri added that, excavations are still in progress to find new secrets and mines of the archaeological zone, emphasizing that all pieces located at the burials were in a well condition of conservation.

New Discovery El Minya "2" : Egyptian team uncovers ancient tomb of royal treasury supervisor in Minya.

An Egyptian archaeological mission working in the ​​al-Ghuraifah area in Minya Governorate has uncovered the tomb of a royal treasury supervisor named “Badi Est”.
Stone statues and other archaeological findings within indicated that the tomb was well-preserved.
The tomb consists of a burial well that is ten meters deep, leading to a large room with niches engraved in the rock and closed with regular stone slabs, said the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Head of the Mission Mostafa Waziry.
Inside were two stone statues, one for Apis the bull god and the other of a woman, he added. A canopic vessel was also found, made of alabaster in the form of the four sons of Horus.
On the vessel, the titles and names of the deceased were engraved, Waziry noted.
He added that 400 blue and green Ushabti statues bearing the name of the deceased were also found, alongside six graves for his family members containing nearly a thousand faience statues and sets of utensils.

New discovery, Sakkara: Hawass Announces New Archaeological Discovery in Saqarra

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