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Monday, November 2, 2020

News Egypt "2" : Historic day for Egypt’s tourism as 3 museums opened at once: Al-Anani.

Saturday was a historic day for Egypt’s tourism industry, as three important museums inaugurated in one day, according to Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani.
The minister’s remarks came during President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s inauguration of the museums, which are the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum, the Kafr El-Sheikh Museum, and the Royal Carriages Museum in Cairo. Combined, the establishment of the new museums cost nearly EGP 1bn.
During his speech, Al-Anani reviewed the state’s efforts in the field of museum sector, development and restoration of archaeological sites, and archaeological missions in Egypt. 
The minister also presented the working plan for the museums that were inaugurated on Saturday.

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum
Al-Anani said that the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is the first museum of antiquities in the Red Sea resort.
The idea of establishing the museum, located on an area of 191,000 sqm, dates back to 1999. Work on the project began in 2003, before stopping in 2011 during the 25 January Revolution. Work on the EGP 812m museum then resumed in 2018.
The museum includes three halls for displays, in addition to an entertainment area that includes a number of restaurants, bazaars, traditional crafts shops, an open theatre and squares for celebrations and events.

Kafr El-Sheikh Museum
The minister said that the Kafr El-Sheikh Museum is the first museum of antiquities in the ancient governorate.
The idea of establishing the museum dates back to 1992, after Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate allocated a 6,800 sqm plot of land inside the Sana’a Park.
This would be used to establish a national museum documenting cultural heritage, and aims to spread archaeological and cultural awareness of the Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate’s heritage, and for the nearby governorates.
The construction work on the museum began in 2002, but was stopped in 2011, before being completed in 2018. 
This took place after a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate was signed in 2017, with the total cost of the project reaching EGP 62m.
The museum consists of three main exhibition halls, displaying artefacts from the excavations at the Tell Al-Faraeen archaeological area, in addition to other archaeological areas from Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.

Royal Carriages Museum
Al-Anani also spoke of the opening of the restoration and development project for the Royal Carriages Museum.
It is considered one of the oldest quality museums in the world and one of the most important vehicle museums in the world.
The idea of ​​establishing the museum dates back to the reign of Khedive Ismail in the second half of the 19th Century. During this period, a building was designated for Khedivial chariots and horses in Bulaq, and was initially called the Khedivial Stirrup Department.
During the reign of King Fuad I, the building was renamed the Administration of the Royal Stables. The building was converted into a historical museum after the July 1952 revolution.
In 2002, the museum was closed to commence with an integrated restoration and development project, but the project ground to a halt in 2011.
Work resumed again in 2018. The museum, which cost a total of EGP 63m, covers a total area of 6175 sqm, and consists of several halls.
Al-Anani affirmed that work resumed at the three museums following a years-long hiatus since 2011, based on presidential directives.
There has been an emphasis on giving utmost importance to all projects for the maintenance, restoration and security of Egyptian antiquities, and the development and establishment of major and regional museums.

News Egypt: Egypt's President Sisi re-opens 3 museums after coming to a halt in 2011.

Khaled el-Enany, Egypt's Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, gave a speech during President Abd El-Fatah El-Sisi’s inauguration of three new museums in three different governorates Saturday.
They are the museums of Sharm El-Sheikh, Kafr El-Sheikh and the Royal Chariots museum in Cairo. 
This emphasizes the unprecedented support Egypt gives to the tourism and antiquities sector. 
In addition to showcasing Egypt’s unparalleled history and civilization through the establishment of museums that tell the story of this unique civilization and its different historical eras. 
Enany, said in his word "that today is an exceptional day in the history of Egyptian tourism and antiquities, as 3 important museums are opened in the governorates of Sharm El-Sheikh, Kafr El-Sheikh and Cairo, at a cost of nearly L.E 1 billion."
During the speech, the minister implored the state’s efforts in museum projects, development and restoration of archaeological sites and archaeological work in Egypt.
In addition to that, he presented the work progress of the three museums that were inaugurated. 
Enany pointed out that the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum is the first museum of antiquities in the picturesque coastal city of Sharm El-Sheikh. 
He added that work started in the museum in 2003 and then stopped in 2011. He said that Kafr El-Sheikh Museum too, is the first museum of antiquities in the ancient governorate of Kafr El Sheikh, stating work started in it in 2002 and then stopped in 2011.
Enany talked about the opening of the restoration and development project of the Royal Carriages Museum, which is one of the oldest museums in the world and one of the most important carriage museums in the world.

Moreover, he said that its restoration and development project started back in in 2002 and that it stopped in 2011. 
The minister further said that work was resumed in the three museums due to the directives of Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, after it was halted for years since 2011.
He added that the president directed the government to give all projects of maintenance, restoration, preservation and protection of Egyptian monuments, in addition to the development and establishment of major and regional museums utmost importance.
In addition, Enany explained that "today’s openings show the political and financial support the political leadership gives to preserving the heritage and antiquities of Egypt; and to building and developing museums."
He also said that the resumption of work in all antiquities and museum projects, that have been suspended for years, contributes to providing a diverse tourism infrastructure in all governorates. 
In addition to that, it creates new tourist attractions and offerings. Those diversified offerings cater the various interests of tourists.
He added that Sharm El Sheikh Museum and Hurghada Museum, both offer visitors and tourists a unique experience and an opportunity to enjoy Egypt’s beautiful beaches and at the same time learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization; mixing leisure and culture. 
The minister concluded his speech by reiterating that the museums that were opened will contribute to increasing the tourism in addition to archaeological awareness of Egyptians, especially children and youth, to get to know the rich and unique civilization of their country. 
After the opening of the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum, the minister took a memorial photo with all the museum employees in appreciation of their relentless efforts to carry through work in the the museum until its official opening became a reality.


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